It’s amazing, the life you want can seem so far away..

But what I have discovered is that change happens based on your decisions. And while that may be simple I had to realize that action is the only things will change.

And I know duh…

But to many times I talk, I think but the act is where the rubber meets the road. And then you know the crazy part once you take action, keeping it going is challenging!!

So you have the action and now I have to keep it going!! And it doesn’t matter how long you do it, until it feels like something you can’t live without doing.

Habits are formed when you can’t go through a day Without it. So I’ve learned to push through the difficult moments and take action.. procrastination is one of the biggest enemies!!

Walking this road can be a long and difficult, but you have to be aware of what Walking this road of change means!!

So let’s take action!!


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