Mindset Of being free

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. Fredrick Douglas

So what is freedom? Freedom for many is having the ability to choose your schedule, do what you want at anytime. We love the idea of being free but what does it look like from a mindset perspective. Freedom starts in the mind, The thought of be able to control your everyday starts the moment you decide that today is the day I am going to take action. Let’s talk about a well-known story of Moses.

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Moses as we all know was found by Pharaoh’s daughter. And he grew up in royalty until one day he realized that his path was wrong. And after murdering another Egyptian while protecting a Hebrew. Eventually Pharaoh found out he ran from Egypt fearing repercussions. And in the midst of his basic life, God stepped in and altered his path. Moses (along with Aaron) was given the task of Freeing the Hebrews.

So fast-forward after plagues, hardened hearts and a host of discomforts Pharaoh sets the Hebrews free. Now this where the mentality of freedom comes in. True Freedom starts in the mind. So while the Hebrews were free their ability to control their destiny was too much and they missed the hardship, company and predictability that slavery provided.

So what I have assessed based on watching a lot of people given the opportunities to take their destiny in their hands is that. Unless you mentally free yourself, when the shackles of a time clock, paycheck, and parental guidance or boss actually leave your universe you won’t be able to handle this newly discovered freedom.

So today we are going to talk about how to get free you mentally, before you actually make that move to change your situation.

But first lets get an understanding of what freedom is;

Freedom comprises two kinds. Internal freedom which comprises what you feel on the inside, and external freedom is about your surroundings.

Threats to External Freedoms are injustice/criminals or environmental.

Threats to Internal Freedoms are False beliefs, irresponsibility, fear or bad habits.

Today we are going to talk about internal freedoms:

Internal Freedom relates to things like balance, calmness, determination, confidence and will power.

Internal Freedom’s main threat comes from what you’ve learned. A lot of time this is the real oppression because you never understand your true freedom until we realize the lack of information we receive is oppressing us. And if what have learned is oppressive it affects how we evolve. Here are the four attributes you need to create the freedom you need.


So the first thing to creating the initial freedom in your life is claiming responsibility. Responsibly opens the door to your life where you feel like you have always been shut out. Once you accept the responsibility for your life you have the power to change your destiny. With accepting this added level of control to your life you accept that everything that happens to you are correlated (primarily) with the decisions you make.




Take Risk

Once you have accepted responsibility your next move is start making life shifting decisions. At this phase accepting the worse is already a reality. What that means is that you now know you are poised and positioned to define the success or failure in your life based on the design you make right now.





Accept Consequences

At this level you are willing to put all the consequences on your shoulder, all of it. Knowing that your action always carry a level of risk and with that risk carries the chance of loss. Are you ready for that level of loss. The more important question is are you ready to take full responsibility for what could essentially downgrade your lifestyle. We are all faced with set backs the key is not to blame anyone else. Take the lose and move forward.





Growth happens threw challenges or change. The challenge is to never become stagnant in the midst of adversity. You must be determined to build up the fortitude to grow in the face of any situation or problem. Don’t allow your setbacks to keep you from becoming who you are designed to be. Some keys of growth are:

Learn everyday and through everything. You must be a perpetual student.

Be willing to learn in all your mistakes.

Create a consistent lifestyle of learning. Books, Video’s and Networks will help you develop daily.


Once You have put this formula into action you will be able to experience the true mentality of freedom. Once you are mentally free it’s nearly impossible to ever be trapped by the prison of a problem. The truth is nothing can shackle your mind unless you allow it to happen.

The only way to make the jump into a full fledged freedom driven lifestyle is by mentally recognizing to never wanting to go back to the way it used to be.

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”

-Albert Camus

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