Jumping is taking a leap in life into the unknown. It’s when you decide that the only way I am ever going to live that life I desire is if I make this move. Jumping is the most scariest thing you can ever do. What makes jumping so scary is the fact that in order to really become what you have been designed to be is by changing something in your life dramatically. And that takes stepping way outside your familiar space.

So what does it take to make that jump.

One of the first things you need decide is how bad do I want it.

Second you have to decide that more than anything that making this move will forever take me out of this ordinary unfulfilled space.

Third you have to be willing to accept the risk that come with this jump.

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Fear of Loss




“All the stress and misery of life comes from fear of loss. Remember that you can never lose anything without gaining something. To avoid misery, concentrate on what you will gain.” ― Debasish Mridha



The number one fear that is associated with jumping is the loss. In essence you lose out. There is going to be a certain level of monetary loss and this is true. Moving from what you have always known into taking complete control of your life is always an investment. Now you have to pay for all that is usually provided for you. You have to create and build your own systems. There is no longer someone over your back holding you accountable.

Your shift out of the ordinary into the extraordinary takes being dedicated. Having the where withal to wanting this more than anyone could ever imagine. We are constantly boxed into our lives. Dedicated to the safety and security of someone else business. We never think that if we jump out there we can do it alone.

The trouble with the jump is that it is uniquely the most scariest thing you can do. You lose total control of the outcome. The outcome that you have dedicated yourself to. Your guaranteed weekly paycheck, healthcare, 401k and vacation time. We give all that up with the hopes that this thing inside of us will grow enough to comfort us!!

It is a scary proposition. It is a scary moment having no clue weather or not this thing that we are about to embark on will fly like the Wright brothers first plane or sink like the titanic!!

You have to realize that success is depended upon you so here are the steps to creating a successful jump. This is by no means a definitive guide but these are some practical tips that have helped me.

Make a Financial Survival Plan


  1. What do I have to live on.
  2. Whats my start up cost
  3. What are my hidden cost (school clothes, food, holiday, birthdays)
  4. What vacation do we need take.
  5. What do I need to earn monthly to get us back to our original life

Schedule Your Daily Activities

  1. What is the daily goals for the day
  2. What are your daily exercise and eating routines
  3. When is your dedicated family time
  4. When is your reading time

These are just some the questions you need to have an answer for before you get started. The main thing is disciplining yourself enough to stick to the plan. There is always going to be some shiny new object there to catch your eye. The trick is to stay focused on the prize. What is the outcome that you desire to achieve. What are the unknown knowns that you may not be considering. Remember our jobs have provided plenty of benefits to cover most incidentals. Take a glance at your paycheck and decide what is worth continuing, replacing or not keeping at all.https://www.advertisingboost.com/#a_aid=5c0967a0203be

So now we are on the edge of our present looking out into the abyss of our future. What’s the next step. In order for us to really become our design we have to decide that you want this more than anything.

Your destiny sits waiting for you to decide to no longer continuously live like you have always lived but decide that you want this more than you can breathe. The moment your destiny becomes a top priority is the moment your life will shift.

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